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Create new words

Build your own word collection

Imagine reading a book or watching a movie and coming across some cool new words that you want to add to your vocabulary. Or perhaps you already have a long list of words that you need to memorize

🏆 We offer a personalized approach to word creation based on your interests and needs, helping you save time and stay focused on your goals.


Create words by AI

AI word-generator

Sometimes creating new words on your own might be a tedious and uninspiring task. That's why we've developed our AI-powered Word Generator to make creating new words effortless and exciting.

🪄 Just enter a prompt based on the topic or type of word you're interested in, and see the magic appear.

AI Assistant

Diving into your word

Our goal of providing effective and enjoyable learning experiences to people around the world is made possible by advanced AI technology. With Vocala Assistant, you can take advantage of engaging AI-generated content to dive into vocabulary and enhance your knowledge.

✨ By tapping a prompt, you can access fun and effective explanations to better understand the power of words.


Spaced Repetition system

Based on the Spaced Repetition system and the Leitner System method, we calculate the optimal time for you to revise based on your learning history, ensuring that you retain what you've learned without spending endless hours reviewing.

🤩 That means you only need to review when a notification pops up


Quiz games

Learn through quiz games

We understand the importance of recalling information for effective learning. That's why we've developed engaging quiz games to help you learn and retain new words. Our games make learning fun and effective, allowing you to ditch tedious methods and enjoy the process.

💡 You can also access Vocala's AI Assistant from here whenever you are confused about a new word.



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